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How can I see helloworld.c ?

Question asked by Cengizhan Yapicioglu on Mar 16, 2017
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In my project,I use T1024 RDB-64b.In Yocto,I create a core image by using "bitbake fsl-image-core".Then,by following the necessary steps on QorIQ SDK-1.8 "Ramdisk Deployment from TFTP" I inserted the core image on T1024rdb successfully and see it on TerraTerm.However,I want to see a simple output like simple helloworld program when I started the board with this image on TerraTerm.Is there any reference,manual for this purpose or any layer in yocto to write this *.c files?


Another thing is,I create a new layer for this purpose and add a helloworld recipe on it which includes "helloworld.c".Then,I use "bitbake Helloworld" .Subsequently,I use bitbake to generate core image again even though I can not find where it's created.Where can I find the necessary path after this operation?


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