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RC522 NFC reader does not recognise EV1 tags anymore

Question asked by Marleen van Bergeijk on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2017 by MIkhail Dzyk

Hi! I am using the NXP RC522 reader with Mifare Classic EV1 1k NFC tags for my prototype. I have build a system that works perfectly.


Now I have replicated my electronic circuit using a new-ordered RC522 (ordered at the same place) and using the same software. This RC522 reader does not recognise my Mifare Classic EV1 1k NFC tags anymore. The reader does work as it does recognise the card and token that came with the reader.


My assumption is that my first used RC522 is a version 1.0 and the second RC522 used is a version 2.0, accoring to the data sheet the reader should still support my tags. 


Can anyone help me analyse the problem and think of a solution? Is there something I can change in the library?