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FreeRTOS task viewer shows overflow

Question asked by Engin Lee on Mar 16, 2017


I am trying to build up a project with  KDS v3.2 with FreeRTOS v9.0.0, and I am able to watch the usage of task and memory by plug-in. That is awesome and it's really helpful! Thank you!

For some reason, I have to use two heap regions in my project, so I choose FreeRTOS's 5th memory scheme (heap_5.c).

However, it shows my stack is overflow even through I stopped at begin of task function and stack pointer should be totally empty.

I guess it is due to separated TCB and stack memory into two regions, and there is a reserved memory area between them. But my program works without any problem.

FreeRTOS task aware debugger for GDB: version (current latest version)

Can you fix that or is there any way to display the correct stack usage?

Thank you!