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What is the intended method of exiting the bootloader

Question asked by Nick Dolling on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Nick Dolling

In my application I have an embedded host running the bootloader host based on the example.


I have successfully implemented a jump into the bootloader in my target application, however once the host is done updating the target, what is the intended method for getting the target to restart?


If I look at the examples (both the embedded one and the Kinetis Updater windows application), it appears the host issues a Reset command, however looking at the source for the v1.2 bootloader (the KL17 I am using has ROM bootloader K1.1.0, which I assume is probably close enough), the reset command leaves the FORCEROM bits in the RCM set, which causes it to restart back into the bootloader.... does this just then assume that the peripheral detection will timeout and eventually cause a "proper" reset to start the application?


I tried using the Execute command to jump the normal Reset_Handler, but the bootloader source seems to think this is invalid and returns an error... 


Which leaves me wondering.... what is the intended method for exiting the bootloader when done?


Why is jumping to the normal Reset_Handler not a valid option?