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Write a SRAM Block Sector 1 Pass-Through mode

Question asked by Gianluca Tedone on Mar 16, 2017

I'm using your Android demo app source code, SW3648.


The app was installed on Android Studio following the UM10989.pdf, and I'm able to debug.


With reference with the above code, using a "NTAG_I2C_2k", some phones supports class and here no problem.


Issues are coming if with the same tag I use phones which are able to support only "" methods. In my case a such phone is a


Samsung GT-I9301I

Android 4.4.2 Kit-Kat


From my point of view, is not possible to work in pass-through mode to use a writeSRAMBlock in sector 1 (this is the sector used by our "raw" protocol, used in the same way as used by "LED Demo" in your app). In other words, the app shows a


<string name="demo_not_supported"> This demo is not supported for this NFC Device with this Tag </string>


error message, issued by a


CommandNotSupportedException("writeSRAMBlock is not Supported for this Phone with NTAG I2C 2k").


There's a way to get such phones working or we have to change the way to exchange data between phones and tags (e.g. change the writeSRAMBlock implementation)?


Please help, thank you in advance.