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PCF85363A time register

Question asked by Thomas Arvidsson on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Thomas Arvidsson

Hi! We have a problem when reading the time registers. We are reading all registers continuously approx 6 times per 100th second. We are checking the 100th second values and approx once per minute or so we get wrong values. Some examples: 100th seconds go from:

57,58,79,80... or 50,51,53,54... or 20,21,23,24... or 62,63,67,68.... i.e. some values are skipped.

We also see some cases with the following series: 36,37,3F,30,31... 16,17,1F,10,11..... When we see the series with 0xF involved it has always been from x7->xF and then start over from x0. This does not seem to be the correction described in the datasheet. Is this behavior something known? We see the same thing on different components so it is not an individual problem.


Best regards,Thomas Arvidsson