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JN5169: issue on gateway(coordinator ) to remove its endevice

Question asked by Eric Tao on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by vihang jani



We are using JN5169(JN-SW-4168) as ZigBee-IoT-Gateway-Control-Bridge and find that it could not remove an enddevice from its neighbor table if the enddevice is offline, which cause the coordinator could not accept any new endevice as the table would get full.


Any help would be greatly appreciated to resolve this issue^_^~ 


The Host sends "Management Leave Request" to JN5169(ZCB)[1] to remove an endevice.

- If the enddevice is online, it would response Leave Response, so the endevice could be removed from  its neighbor table.

- If the enddevice is offline, no matter how many times the leave request is sent, the endevice info is always present in the table...