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HELP - LCD Controller and emWin

Question asked by Dimitris Sideris on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Dimitris Sideris

Hi there,


I have an LPCXpresso 4367 dev board and in our company have developed a custom pcb with a lpc4367 chip mounted.

In UM10503 datasheet i see that the lpc4367 lcd controller can use rgb interface.


What i want to do is to interface mcu of custom pcb with an LCD display that has ILI9341 controller.


What is the deal here? Only one controller does the job? Or do i have to interace lpc lcd controller with external lcd controller?


In addition i can't understand how emWin library works. Do i have to setup an lcd driver prior to using emWIn or emWin does this under the hood for a number of supported lcd controllers?


To make it more clear.

I have a custom pcb with lpc4367 and i want to add to lcd an LCD display with ILI9341 controller. I finally want to make a gui to be displayed in the LCD.

What is the best practice for doing so? What are the most suitable interafaces?


Please dont tell me in an abstract way to read datasheets. I have been reading datasheets thoroughly for a long time.


I would really appreciate some help here. I ve been stuck for a long time.


Thanks a lot!!!