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LPC1768 ISP problem

Question asked by Davide Ferrario on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Dezheng Tang



I'm working on LPC1768 ISP application through LPC1768 UART commands.

I designed an external PCB with second MCU and SPI flash that receive form PC hex file to download in LPC1768 (the hex file is saved in SPI flash) and then wrote data in LCP1768 via ISP commands.


PC to second MCU protocol got CRC on command, so I'm quite sure hex file is transfered correctly inside SPI flash.


I developed LPC ISP protocol and commands.


What happens is that I got "OK" for all LPC1768 ISP commands, but program is not running.


My ISP commands sequence to download in LPC1768 flash is (ISP UART protocol is working because LPC1768 reply is always OK):


// binSize is the hex file size, in byte. Then I got needed sector count

flashNeededSectorCount = _get_flash_sector_index(binSize);   


// Set LPC1768 in ISP mode



// LPC1768 baudrate syncro

// Disasble echo

// UnLock

// Prepare needed sector
lpc1768IspManagerPrepareSector(uartBusPtr, 0, flashNeededSectorCount - 1);

// Erase needed sector
lpc1768IspManagerEraseSector(uartBusPtr, 0, flashNeededSectorCount - 1);


// Load program (flashAddress is LPC1768 write flash address)
for(flashAddress = 0; flashAddress < binSize; ) {

      // Write to LPC1768 RAM data

      lpc1768IspManagerWriteToRAM(uartBusPtr, 0x10000200 + (uint32_t)index, &binData[index], writeLen);

      // Prepare selected flash sector
      flashSectorCount = _get_flash_sector_index(flashAddress);
      lpc1768IspManagerPrepareSector(uartBusPtr, 0, flashSectorCount);

      // Copy from RAM to FLASH

      lpc1768IspManagerCopyRAMToFlash(uartBusPtr, flashAddress, 0x10000200, sizeof(binData));


        flashAddress += binDataLen;

   // Go
   lpc1768IspManagerGo(uartBusPtr, 0);


   // Remove ISP mode