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Programming a fresh MK22FN512XXX12

Question asked by gokhan gunay on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Hi all,

I am newbie in programming any freescale MCU and I started the job through FRDM-KV31 board. Everything is went glitch-less and I really enjoyed with MCU's peripheral offers especially the flextimer (for power conversion applications). So I decided to design my own board and ordered MK22fn512vlh12 MCU to prepare a customized board for my specific purposes. I prepared a very basic board for programming including related power rail capacitors, pins for SWD debug port (io and clk) and reset. I connected the board to FRDM-KV31 through the SWD port but could not get the MCU programmed.

I uploaded j-link binary to the FRDM board and used related jlink softwares. That is I all played with the J-Link debugger.

It seems that the MCU ID is detected; but it gives error for further steps and complaining about an error in unsecuring the mcu (timeout error). I read the related articles on the similar problems with other MCUs and tried to apply to my case but I came fruitless again and again. I decreased debugger clock frequency down to 4kHz, added some serial resistors (22to100ohm) to the SWD signal paths to suppress any possible ringing noise but the same. Besides, I did no attempt to write the flash security section (0x400-0x410).

So is there any guy to help me to solve the problem I encounter now?

Thanks in advance.