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NTAG NT3H2111 Connecting problem

Question asked by Matan Yaniv on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by Matan Yaniv


I have connected an NTAG antenna (with NT3H2111 implemented on it) to an existing I2C bus of an FPGA.


I followed the read/write register sequence appeared on the datasheet but I don't get any response from the NT3H. From looking at the SDA bus - I get no ACK from the NT3H. When I try to write to a session\configuration register - While writing i can see on the NXP mobile app that the NTAG memory is locked, but after the write sequence ends: I cant see any change on the registers.

The SCL bus frequency is 100KHz and the NTAG is connected to GND, VCC, SDA and SCL.


What can be the problem?


Thnaks, Matan