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LS1043ARDB use Codewarrior download u-boot some question

Question asked by 建云 周 on Mar 14, 2017
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    LS1043ARDB development board  have  MK22FX512VLH12  DEBUGGER .I want to use MK22FX512VLH12  DEBUGGER download u-boot to NORFLASH or NANDFLASH. May I ask if can do this?


    I'm try use MK22FX512VLH12  DEBUGGER download u-boot to NORFLASH .But my compute can't connect LS1043ARDB development board.The following error :


(gdb) source ../../gdb_extensions/flash/
ccs:CC config string is invalid
Starting flash programmer services...
Starting local server...
Successfully started gdb server
Set gdb remote timeout to 7200
Connecting to target...
Using LS1043A SoC
Using CWTAP connected to local usb port.
Using jtag speed 6000
Connecting to probe...
GTA: target connection error.
connection failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "../../gdb_extensions/flash/", line 89, in <module>
File "../../gdb_extensions/flash/", line 87, in fp_initialization
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 128, in start_fp_services
return instance.invoke(argument, False)
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 85, in invoke
ret = self.start_service(argument)
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 99, in start_service
ret = start(args)
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 242, in start
if internal_start(args) is False:
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 47, in internal_start
if internal_connect_to_target(args) is False:
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 190, in internal_connect_to_target
gdb_execute('monitor ctx connect')
File "D:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\CW_ARMv8\ARMv8\gdb_extensions\flash/../flash\scripts\", line 72, in gdb_execute
raise gdb.GdbError("Error: " + str(exc))
gdb.GdbError: Error: Protocol error with Rcmd


My file please refer to attachment.




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