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FCCU fake fault creation

Question asked by ravindra petankar on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by David Tosenovjan

Hello sir,

I have following clarification regards to FCCU in MPC5777C controller.

 In our software :


1 Fault is programmed as hardware recoverable in  FCCU_NCF_CFGn)

2 The reaction programmed for the fault is FCCU Error Output signaling (FCCU_EOUT_SIG_ENn) and NMI is enabled in the FCCU_NMI_ENn register.

 We simulated the error by writing in to the NCFF register.

1 Does writing in to the NCFF register creates permanent fault or temporary fault.?

2 Do I need to write 0 to the NCFF register to clear the fault, since we have configured as hardware recoverable fault..?


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