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Mpxv7025d  understanding the data sheet

Question asked by Adrian Forschner on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Dario Arias

Mpxv7025d sensor  datasheed, understanding.

i try to work out the formula for the pressuresensor so far I came up whit this based on the data of the attached page form the data sheet :


float readPressureKpa(int16_t pin){
float pressureValue ;
float Voltage = (pin * 0.1875)/1000;
pressureValue = Voltage - 2.46;
float pressure=(pressureValue+0.5)/0.018;///0.000018 tranformation from kpa to pa
//float pressure=((pressureValue/1024.0)+0.5)/0.000018;


return pressure;


 Is this code correct ?


i should mention that I attached a ads1115 adc because arduino is a bit to un precise.


then I discovered AN4325SW it has a few examples but I don't understand them:


//2.4635 is the voltage if nothing happens on the sensor no blowing or sucking.

float Flow = (2.4635 - Voltage)*136/10;
if (Flow > 4700){
Flowfactor = 0;
Flowfactor = ((4700-Flow)*100/2700);
// Serial.println(Flowfactor);

Flow = Flow + (Flow*Flowfactor)/100; // Instantaneous flow [l/s]
Volume = Volume + (Flow/100);


where 136 came form is this the area of the mouthpice ?

what is 4700 where dose it come from?

where dose the 2700 come from ?


sorry for the eager long post but I really can't figure out and I'm kinda stuck, any help is appreciated.

im suffereing form the "I can't see the woods cuz of too many trees" syndrome.


Tanks in advanced