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MPC5748G ENET Tx messages lost

Question asked by Christian Steur on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Daniel Wax


we use the NXP DEVKIT-MPC5748G for evaluation/development.

At the moment we have a problem with the ENET interface.


On message transmission the ENET interface seemingly successfully transmits every frame, meaning all status registers and tx buffer descriptors look ok. But if we trace the network traffic, there are sometimes frames not transmitted/lost.


Has anybody the same issue? Is this maybe only DEVKIT related?


Appended is our testsetup for S32DS, using a DEVKIT-MPC5748G ENET code example.

Our simplified testsetup:

- Transmit UDP packet with a counter payload.

- Trace network packets with trace tool (Wireshark) for about 1min.

- Look for delta-time spikes. There is always a counter value gap of 1.

- Alternatively use a script on the test pc to check counter values (python).



Christian Steur

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