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Xwayland on imx6

Question asked by sharvari harisangam on Mar 12, 2017
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I am using imx6q based custom board. I am running kernel linux-imx 4.1.15. I am using yocto krogoth layer for building rootfs. I am trying to run xwayland on board. I have imx-gpu-viv with fbdev backend. I am able to run wayland with it.

Wayland on launching, gives following message

xserver listening on display : 0 


After that when i run any X application, it fails.  Now if I run Xwayland on display 1 and then launch X application, it gives segmentation fault when eglInitialize is  called. 

What is the correct way to use Xwayland?  What are the steps/sequence for launching Xwayland,weston?  When both wayland and X are getting used, which imx-gpu-viv libraries needs to be present on board ? for eg. Do we need or or




Sharvari Harisangam