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Question asked by Kim JungHyun on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by Jiri Kral


I have been made a source code with NXP PCB and my company's new PCB was received last week.

S I downloaded a source code which was activated well on NXP PCB into new PCB but there was a problem.


■ Situation : during debuging, source code is stopped at 'DefaultISR'


■ Difference between NXP PCB to my new PCB : XTAL

- NXP PCB : 8MHz

- my company's new PCB : 40MHz

※ refer to Device feature summary of datasheet(51page)


■ review

1. System OSC Clock : change from 8MHz to 40MHz

 1) NXP PCB : after changing from 8MHz to 4MHz, I confirmed the source code was stopped at 'DefaultISR' during debugging.

 2) my company's new PCB : happened same situation. The source code was stopped at 'DefaultISR'


2. External Reference Select : change from 'External crystal oscillator' to 'External clock source'

 1) my company's new PCB : The source code was stopped at 'DefaultISR'

3.  System OSC Range Select : change from Medium to High

 1) my company's new PCB : The source code was stopped at 'DefaultISR'


■ Component Inspector : before chagne(activation is ok)

■ Component Inspector : after(the source code is stopped at 'DefaultISR')

■ Question : What should I do if I use 40MHz?