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About mk22fn512 spi1/spi0 Transmission delay problem

Question asked by andypeng on Mar 12, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by EARL GOODRICH


I am using mk22fn512 SPI1/SPI0 to send a series of data,Let SPI/SPI0 work in the loopback and continuous sck and continuous pcs mode.I found that when the SPI bus transmits data, each SOUT will have a certain delay after the completion of a single byte of data,  which causes the slave device to be unable to determine the received data.
Continuous sck and Continuous pcs ,loopback clock rate 1MHz

Register define

before transition  Register value

after transition  Register value

When I don't have a continuous sck mode, the waveform is below.

not continuos sck and continuos  pcs

before Transfer

after Transfer

Continuous or discontinuous mode, SOUT does not have continuous output data. What is the reason?


Thanks and good luck!