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Adding and reading of an binary file(.bin)

Question asked by Ratheesh T on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by Con Verse

Hi ,


              I am using LPC54102 evaluation board and have imported a project in LPCXpresso_8.1.0_597 for send data via UART using LPC54102. I have a binary file(.bin) of other board which was created by keil IDE. My task is to send the content of that bin file to other board via UART communication.


My questions are


1. How can i add this bin file into LPCXpresso project file ?

2. How can i combine this .bin file to create the single .axf( or .hex) file with linker ?

3. is there any way to complete this task ? (IAR compiler has an option to do this, i done this using IAR IDE )


Please give your suggestion