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Changing I2C Configuration

Question asked by mert can ergun on Mar 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Carlos_Musich

I'd like to change I2C voltage on DVP port. I have checked device tree for some hints but all I can find is this:

        DOVDD-supply = <&vgen4_reg>; /* 1.8v */
        AVDD-supply = <&vgen3_reg>;  /* 2.8v, on rev C board is VGEN3,
                        on rev B board is VGEN5 */
        DVDD-supply = <&vgen2_reg>;  /* 1.5v*/
        pwn-gpios = <&gpio1 16 1>;   /* active low: SD1_DAT0 */
        rst-gpios = <&gpio1 17 0>;   /* active high: SD1_DAT1 */

There is no information about any of the *-supply variables.I can understand AVDD stands for analog VDD and DVDD stands for digital VDD but still it's not really clear.

Are they(DOVDD, AVDD, DVDD supply) for CSI-DVP configuration?

Can they also control I2C voltages?

Are I2C settings fixed, and not changeable?