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p1022 bootup crash - DDR address space issue

Question asked by Zeev Gerber on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2017 by Bulat Karymov



Our bootup of the p1022 is crash every time.

we recognize access to incorrect address location, not assigned to any memory target.

The bootup fail on address 0x20090000 which is inside the DDR MMU address space but out of the actual DDR size.


From the init file we running for the bootup I see the followed DDR address space definition:


  1. DDR global address space: 2G


                # LAWAR11

                # bit 0 = 1 - enable window

                # bit 7-11 = 01111 - DDR

                # bit 26 - 31 =  011110 2G - size

                mem [CCSR 0xd70] = 0x80f0001e


  1. DDR MMU address space: 1G


                # define 1GB      TLB1 entry 1: 0x00000000 - 0x3FFFFFFF; DDR, cacheable, not guarded

                reg ${CAM_GROUP}L2MMU_CAM1 = 0xA0007FC41C0800000000000000000001


  1. DDR size: 512M



                mem [CCSR 0x2000] = 0x0000001F


                mem [CCSR 0x2080] = 0x80014202




could you see problems with the ddr address space definition?

Do I need to change the DDR MMU address space to 512 M ?

could you have advise how to proceed?


Zeev Gerber