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FRDM-KL03Z: Need Help Getting into VLLS0 and waking with LPTMR!

Discussion created by Sara Stout-Grandy on Mar 10, 2017
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I'm trying to put the device into deep sleep, VLLS0 mode and then wake it from an LPTMR interrupt. I'm running the LPTMR off an external source via the RTC_CLK_IN pin which works fine in the LPTMR mode. I have the following settings to put the decide to sleep:

    //Settings to enter VLLS0 Deep Sleep Mode
    SMC_BWR_PMPROT_AVLLS(SMC, 1); // (1) Allows any VLLSx mode
    SMC_BWR_PMPROT_AVLP(SMC, 1); //(1) VLPR, VLPW, and VLPS are allowed
    SMC_BWR_PMCTRL_STOPM(SMC, 0b100); // controls entry into the selected stop mode (VLLSx) when Sleep-Now or Sleep-On-Exit mode is entered with SLEEPDEEP=1
    SMC_BWR_STOPCTRL_VLLSM(SMC, 0b000); //controls which VLLS sub-mode to enter if STOPM=VLLSx.


    //Setting for the Low Leakage Wakeup Unit
    LLWU_BWR_ME_WUME0(LLWU, 1); //Enables an internal module 0 as a wakeup source input for LPTMR
    // Enables LLWU interrupt


    //Go Low Power
    SCB->SCR &= SCB_SCR_SLEEPDEEP_Msk; // Set the SLEEPDEEP bit to disable deep sleep mode - enter wait mode//
    RTC_WR_SR(RTC, 1); //Clear this register after reset
    POWER_SYS_SetMode(0, kPowerManagerPolicyForcible);


My LLWU interrupt handler is the following:


void LLWU_IRQHandler(void)
    LPTMR_BWR_CSR_TCF(LPTMR0, 1); //Clear the interrupt flag
    //This function  clears the ACK Isolation flag. Writing one to this setting when it is set releases the I/O pads and certain peripherals to their normal run mode state.
    if(PMC_BWR_REGSC_ACKISO(PMC, 1U) != 0)
            PMC_BWR_REGSC_ACKISO(PMC, 1U);
    SCB->SCR &= ~SCB_SCR_SLEEPDEEP_Msk; // Clear the SLEEPDEEP bit to disable deep sleep mode - enter wait mode//
    g_bGoToSleep = 1;


Nothing appears to happen with these settings. Do I have the settings wrong?