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LPC811 debug "No source available" error.

Question asked by Justin King on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

Trying to use LPCXpresso v8.1.4 to program an LPC811 via LPC-Link probe v1.3.

Results in "No source available for "0x1fff0008" error message.

Reading the UM, the 0x1fff0000 memory space is related to the bootloader mode.
Researching, I found a past forum post that suggested this sort of issue may stem from the processor being in ISP mode.
According to the UM, ISP entry pin can be either PIO0_1 or PIO0_12 (depending on the marking and bootloader version, neither or which do I know how to verify).
The specific name of the processor that I am using is LPC811M001JDH16, which, according to a different section of the UM, uses ISP entry pin PIO0_12 (physical pin 2).
I added an external pull-up resistor to VDD on this pin to avoid ISP entry.

PIO0_1 in my application is tied to an external, 24MHz clock signal.


I'm at a loss for where to look next.
Does anyone have thoughts on this issue?

Copy-pasted from my post in the LPCXpresso-IDE community for exposure to both groups.