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Best solution to build an authentication system

Question asked by Pascal Kistler on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by jimmychan

We want to build a NFC-based authentication system. Therefore we want our cards to be read protected and not copyable. We experimented with the NTAG216F card in the package and thought of password protecting the memory so not everyone can copy the card. But we asked ourselves if there may be a better solution to this problem, e.g. with an asymmetric encryption.
The reader/writer we use is a Raspberry Pi with the NXP Explore-NFC-WW shield.

Can you recommend some card types which meet our requirements?
Unfortunately we didn't find an example script to use the authentication feature of our card. Is there another script for this reader which not only provides read and write examples but also one for the authentication feature?

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated