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linux/fb.h in the deploy-image differs from the one in kernel source tree

Question asked by Paul Wang on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2017 by igorpadykov


i just got involved in a project on a  board modified from imx6dlsabresd recently.

i have built the core-image-minimal and meta-toolchain  by yocto / bitbake with source from fsl-community-bsp 2.1.2 (kernel 4.1). 

when further worked on an application based on imx-test,

i found that the fb.h in build/tmp/sysroots/imx6dlsabresd/usr/include/linux differs from the one in kernel source.

can someone explain to me what the two versions are?

(i traced and found that when compiling imx-test with bitbake the real header file included is the "original" one from the kernel source : build/tmp/work-shared/imx6dlsabresd/kernel-source/include)

In addition, if we want to develop applications with but outside yocto, which "include"s and "lib"s in the build/tmp are the ones we should include / linked against?

paul wang.