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Importing the JN-AN-1220 appnote into BeyondStudio issue

Question asked by Jean Bony on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by Jean Bony

I'm using the JN516x_EK004 kit. I have installed BeyondStudio with the following SDKs JN-SW-4168 and 4170.

All plugins for related SDKs are installed in accordance to the BeyonStudio installation guide(JN-AN-3098).

I have created a workspace and unzipped the JN-AN-1220 appnote into the workspace as described in section 5.7 in the documentation of that appnote.

Inside that workspace I have the folder 


I followed the steps described in section of the appnote document to import the appnote into BeyondStudio, but all the  sub-folders are loaded into BeyoundStudio but no source code. The folders is showing an Exclamation mark on them.


I have tried importing the zipped appnote but same result.


Any idea why I'm not able to properly load the appnote into BeyondStudio? 

I'm using BeyondStudio build 1308