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About usage of SPIFI in LPC18xx.

Question asked by Kalpesh Ramani on Mar 9, 2017
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I had developed application code based on SPIFI for "Spansion S25FL512S device".


Right now i want to know that, Can i use SPIFI driver for the device which is not actually memory but the output is same as it should be.


Let me explain,

I have one sensor which works as MASTER and it's output is 2 bit SPI(Works as Dual bit SPI Mode). Check attachment for more information on data lines.


Actually that sensor send data on(SPI D0, SPI D1) lines continuously in MASTER mode without any rest with reference clock. So Can i use SPIFI as slave in LPC1857 device to read that data?


Thanks in Advance.



Kalpesh Ramani.