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How to troubleshoot u-boot startup on an iMX6DL

Question asked by Doug Bailey on Mar 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by igorpadykov

I have a board that is running u-boot based on "U-Boot 2009.08". I am in the process of developing another board that is very similar but want to upgrade the u-boot to "U-Boot 2013.06".


The boards are iMX6DL CPU based with 32 bit DDR3 and console via UART1. These designs are based on the SabreSD reference design.


I am loading the boards serially via USB using the imx_usb utility available from


Using the older design, I can run the old boot loader fine. When I run the new version of u-boot, the board just hangs and I get no output from the console. 


I can get the new version of u-boot compiled for the SabreSD board to run on the SaberSD board with no problems.

I have verifed that the DCD's being loaded with the u-boot are identical between the two u-boot versions.


I noticed that the old u-boot loads at a different memory location (0x27080000) than the new image (0x177ff00) but both seem to be within ghte range of the DDR RAM.


I also noticed that the jump address jumps to the first location of the u-boot image, which is the IVT Header. Is this correct? How is the entry point actually specified?


What should I be looking at to determine why my code is going to the weeds?
(Aside from a debugger/JTAG module which I do not have.)



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