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How do you get a board included in the SDK?

Question asked by Jon Buford on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2017 by Libor Ukropec

I've developed modular system that has K22 and K64 controllers as part of the launch line. It is kind of a practical and more scalable version of the tower system at a price similar to the FRDM controllers or Arduino. I created a working test project using the current KDS produced by the MCUXpresso tools, and would love to be able to get our boards as ones available in the configuration. 

Here is the project overview video from the upcoming IndieGoGo campaign: Atomo IGG Launch w/LED Project - YouTube 

Here is an overview of the project I built: Atomo Blog - Atomo 

And here is a preview of the campaign I'm launching next week: we've got Arrow on board as a partner having reviewed the designs. 

The controller specs you can find in the (proto) store: Microcontrollers 


Anyhow, I'd appreciate if someone could let me know if there is any chance of getting included in the boards in the SDK tool.