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race condition in exclusive read.

Question asked by Fangming Chai on Mar 8, 2017

The issue is found on this board:


System running in AArch32 mode.


There are 8 cores in the system, in the test, 7 cores (core 1~7) will executive following


1) atomicInc a
2) read b
3) write c [cpuId]
4) goto 2


And at the same time and variable a, b and c [7] (c is an array) are in the same
cache line.


At the same time, core 0 read the atomic variable a:


1) atumicRead a
2) if a != 7 goto 1


Test result core 0 fall into dead loop.


Investigation show the atomicInc is invoked 7 times and all of them returned.
The expected value is 7, but sometimes got 5.


And there following discoveries:
1) add some delay (for loop for certain times) in the stem 2 and 3, the issue gone.
2) move variable b to another cache line, the issue gone.
3) when the issue occur, add some delay in the 1st task's and 2nd task's step 2 and 3, the issue gone.


Does any one met similar issue before?