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IDE v5.9.0 (Studio v8.3 Build 091203) on Win7/64 gives "Unknown protocol error"

Question asked by Wayne Ross on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Alice_Yang

In the last month I'm trying to update to the newest CodeWarrior that will build for our 15yr old production environment (built around a DSP 56F807), to get new behaviors without changing the circuit board.  Originally developed in IDE 4.1 Build 0622 on XP using a LPT BDM interface, I am using the last XP computer in the building and it will soon fail, I'm afraid.  


I've purchased a USB OnCE TAP from Freescale and installed the Classic IDE (CodeWarrior for 56800E Digital Signal Controllers v8.3.exe download from Freescale).  I couldn't see where the Eclipse version showed support for the 56F807, so I didn't go that new.  Once I confirm operation of the IDE with the TAP, my company will updated the demo license to a full $995 license.


Had trouble getting the drivers to recognize the USB TAP, but followed the instructions in Application Note AN4338.pdf (found actual file downloadable from message board here: I am using a usb tap but doesn't work on Win 7 platform. Where do I get Win 7 driver for the usb tap?  or where can I do…).  I was able to see drivers load and TAP was recognized after that install (Device Manager shows "CodeWarrior USB TAP" under "LibUSB-Win32 Devices" is working properly).


Then I had to right-click CCS (CodeWarrior Connection Server) in Windows Tool-tray -> Show Console as I saw on another post in this forum.  Then I typed:

   config cc utap

   show cc  [which indicated 'Sending code to USB TAP - please wait']

   config save

After this, 'show cc' indicates USB TAP (JTAG) "CC software ver. {1.3}" and the TAP's TX/RX light is flashing green and the RUN/PAUSE red light is solid when my board is connected and powered.  I also can see my board is halted from running, so that behavior seems correct.


Within the IDE I:

  • upgraded my .MCP (project file)
  • can compile and link my project (with a couple minor alterations to our production code, due to slightly newer compiler and library), appears to be just fine
  • I get what appears to be a valid .ELF file
  • Now I want to connect and send this to my target.

The last part that has me stumped is:

Project -> Debug yields the fault "CCSProtocolPlugin: Unknown protocol error" and I cannot proceed any farther.

Debug -> Connect yields a different fault: "Interface function IMWProtocol::GetPreference is unimplemented"


One stupid question I have: Is this the newest version of the development environment that supports the 56800E DSP family?  Should I be utilizing the newer Eclipse method?


I appreciate any assistance I can get, thanks!