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Stepping through C code in CodeWarrior?

Question asked by Husein Rashed on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2017 by ZhangJennie

 I just recently started developing in codewarrior and currently navigating my way through the interface. For some reason I cant seem to step through c code when debugging. I do however believe that the issue may be linked to the secure/unsecure aspect of the project.

I'll try to explain as best I can.

Going into the debugger, the first message I receive is "Communication with the target failed: The target MCU has no clock or wrong BDM clock speed is used or derivative is secured".

To get around this, I simply set the correct derivative and unsecure it using a file that came with it. After unsecuring it, I'm able to flash the MCU. After flashing the MCU, everything is grayed out and it seems like it secured it again?


So I once again unsecure it, which makes all the interface/buttons active again but nothing to step through?


Thank You.


MCU: HCS12XE Family