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TWR-KM34 and meter software examples

Question asked by Dennis Hicks Employee on Mar 7, 2017
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Hello support,


I am trying to compile the IAR demo software for the

It was done in IAR 6.5 and I have IAR 7.60


Their are several projects and i get the same error so I am missing something or missing a setting up procedure.




Readme file:

Kinetis M One-phase Power Meter Application (November 11, 2014).

Applications installs together with KM128SWDRV_R3_0_0. Refer to AN4265.pdf and DRM143.pdf for more information about filter-based metering algorithm and Kinetis-M one phase power meter reference design. Performance of the metering algorithm can be tuned using filter-based metering algorithm configuration tool.

Release Notes: refer to mk341phX.c source files for more details.


My IAR error:


Error[Lp049]: there was no reference to __iar_data_init3, but it is needed to initialize section .bss (adc.o #8)
Error[Lp048]: the init table "Table" is needed to initialize some variables, but there are no references to it
Error while running Linker


I get the same error when trying to comple the E-Meter demo for the TWR



Can you please provide some guidance ?