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Pins Tool 2.0 - iMX6SX UART4 pin assignments

Question asked by Gordy Carlson on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Gordy Carlson

One of my customers have found a puzzling discrepancy on the pin assignments for UART4 using Pin Tools 2.0  (set for MCIMX6XxxVM package)


When in Pins view mode,  UART_RTS_B is assigned to L20_ALT3, and UART_CTS_B is assigned to U19__ALT3.  This matches with the iMX6SX Reference manual.


But when in Peripherals view mode,  the UART_RTS_B and UART_CTS_B assignments are reversed on those two pins.


I installed Pins Tool 2.0 and verified this on my laptop as well.


Not sure if this is related to a different assumption on what the terminal default mode is.....DCE or DTE between those two view modes.  As those pins do indeed switch function depending on if the UART is in DCE or DTE.  But knowing the correct default is useful for the initial layout of the pins.


Screenshots of both PINS view and PERIPHERALS view modes attached as an example.


Gordy Carlson

Avnet FAE - Upstate NY