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Basic questions about P1022

Question asked by Santiago Rodriguez on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Pavel Chubakov

Hi. I'm planning a digital design using a P1022 and a FPGA and I have some questions.

 1 - I know QorIQ processors are designed for communications applications but I will not use it for a router or similar. My project is more like "general purpose" but I need the performance of this device using < 5W of power. I'm rigth choosing this device? Is any similar device more apropiate? I'm interested in PowerPC architecture, not in ARM.

2 - In a previous design, I used a processor that ran a bare metal application based on RTEMS RTOS because my application need real time considerations. Do you know if QorIQ can run bare metal applications using a OS like RTEMS ? I-ts too dificult to do this? Because I think that is usual to use Linux with a processor like this one (no bare metal) and Linux is not RTOS.

3 - For programming and Debug I think I can use this: CWH-CTP-BASE-HE plus CWH-CTP-COP-YE am I rigth? Any other product is needed? Can I use/debug all the P1022 functions with the tools mentioned and CodeWarrior free evaluation software? Do I need to buy a particular license for CodeWarrior to develop software for this processor? (I will use PCIexpress to connect to FPGA, local bus enhanced to connect to FLASH, DDR memory controller, FPU, UARTs)

4 - Can you recommend to me any particular document to help a first design with this type of processors? I already search for nxp design guides and they are very helpfull but perhaps I missed some important document and you know the usual mistakes with first designs.


I hope you can understand my questions because my english is not very good.