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LS102x: QUICC/UCC UART: Disable hardware handshake

Question asked by konradgräfe on Mar 8, 2017
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I was able to activate the UCC UART on the LS1021A-TWR and it is working as expected. However, I could not figure out, how to disable hardware handshaking.


The stty tool does not work (which is not surprising since I did not see the driver handling this flag, but anyway):

root@ls1021atwr:~# stty -F /dev/ttyQE0 115200 -crtscts
root@ls1021atwr:~# echo lol > /dev/ttyQE0
ucc_uart 2402000.ucc: shutdown timeout

And I could not find how that would be set on the register level. 


In QEIWRM_V8.pdf chapter 16.4.5 Initializing the UCCs it says 

3. Configure the parallel I/O registers to enable RTS, CTS, and CD if these signals are required.

Which implies that it should be possible to disable hardware handshaking. But I did not find what the parallel I/O registers would be for this processor.


Can you help me out here?