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Issue with BLE Privacy

Question asked by Michael Brudevold on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Alberto Vargas Rodriguez

I'm experiencing an issue when I enable BLE privacy.  I'm testing the wireless UART example on the FRDM-KW41Z devkit.  With privacy enabled, I'm only able to pair one phone with the device and after I pair, no further phone is able to connect.  Example: connect android phone and pair, now iPod can't connect.  Same happens if I pair the iPod first - now the android can't connect.  For some reason, bluetooth under Linux can connect regardless of this (using gatttool command line).  Any thoughts?  It doesn't look like the wireless UART enables any kind of white list.  Using the NXP sniffer, I see the CONNECT_REQ but silence from the intended device.  The advertising PDU type is ADV_IND.


Changes made to code to facilitate this testing:

- disable Gap_SendSlaveSecurityRequest as that was causing gatttool issues likely because it wasn't programmed to deal with pairing

- fix BleConnManager_GapDualRoleConfig as per another one of my threads so it advertises using the Random address

- disable BleServDisc_FindService as that also was causing gatttool problems


Using version 1.0.2 of the connectivity software.