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We need the latest information about i.MX8. Where can we find it?

Question asked by Minsung Kim on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Hellmut Kohlsdorf


We are developing Embedded Solotuions with i.MX6 in South Korea.

We developed custom i.MX6 board and ported OS such as WEC 2013(Windows Embedded Compact 2013), Android 6.0 to our board.

You can see the results on our Youtube channel.


And, We are going to develop the next solution with i.MX8.

However, i.MX8 related datasheet and any information can not be found.

To get datasheet about i.MX8, we contacted local distributors but could not get an answer.

We need the latest information about i.MX8.

Please let us know about i.MX8.

Thank you.