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i.MX7 Android Browser

Question asked by Ryan Schaefer on Mar 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Ryan Schaefer

I am testing android on the i.mx7 sabresd platform. The built-in browser is not built when building for sabresd_7d-eng. I noticed that one of the patches excludes the browser because it relies on OpenGL, and the i.mx7d does not have OGL support (or a GPU). I have removed the check in packages/apps/Browser/, and was able to include the browser in my build.


The browser unfortunately crashes with the error :

"chromium: [] Check failed: kGLImplementationNone != GetGLImplementation() (0 vs. 0)"


Is there a way to include a OGL software renderer on android? I realize that without a GPU, this could be painfully slow performance wise.