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nxp reader library difference between v4.050 and v4.06

Question asked by kevin lin on Mar 4, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Wigros Sun

Hi guys,

I port NXP reader library v4.050.03.011702 for my custom board using CLRC663 and other MCU, it work except LPCD and I have no idea how to make LPCD work.

And I try to use the same port for newer library v4.060 (NxpNfcRdLib_RC663_LPC1769_v04.06.00_Full_SW2978) to give it a shot, but it's not work, even the normal operation. When it runs the FW said "tech detected" but there was no card near the reader. Don't know the reason.


Any suggestion? Thanks very much.