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Analogue reference voltage pin in MKL03Z8VFG4

Question asked by Mrinal Mani on Mar 4, 2017
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My application requires sampling of three analogue lines and transmitting the results via serial line.

I am thinking to use MKL03Z8VFG4.

But I am not sure about the analogue reference voltage pin. The datasheet says (on page number 34):  "For packages without dedicated VREFH and VREFL pins, VREFH is internally tied to VDDA, and VREFL is internally tied to VSSA".

The 16-pin package does not have dedicated VREFH and VREFL. So the reference pin should be internally tied to VDDA. However the package does not even have a VDDA pin. As far as power is concerned, there are only two pins i.e. VDD and VSS.

What does this mean? Does it mean that VDDA and VDD are the same? The datasheet also mentions that there is a  1.2V on chip voltage reference. How to use this reference?

Please help...

Thank you!