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Having problems with emWin 5.22 BSP for EA1788 board

Question asked by Mark Skoglund on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by soledad

I actually am using the LPC4088 display module.  My preferred IDE is LCPXpresso using the Segger J-LInk. for deployment and debugging.  My project will need to use emWin.


I have download the BSP and imported it into LCPXpresso.  I have edited the LCDConf.h files as indicated in the ReadMe.txt file. I have configured the Debug Configuration to use the Segger J-Link.  I can compile and deploy the project.  I can step through the resulting code line-by-line.


The resulting program is not displaying the _aDialogCreate in MainTask.  When stepping through MainTask, I get some random vertical lines on the display.  The SetDesktopColor doesn't change the display.  I did the modification for R163 as indicated and it didn't make any difference. 


Once I have a project the builds, deploys, debugs, and displays information, then I can modify it to perform the tasks for the Client.  I just need a working framework of a project/program that I can modify for my needs.


Is there something that I am missing to get the program to work on the LPC4088 display module?