Jiri Ctibor

HVP-KV46150M ADC converter not working

Discussion created by Jiri Ctibor on Mar 3, 2017


I am having trouble with the ADC converter at HVP-KV46150M control board. I have two pieces of this board and problem is the same. It behaves that the EndOfScan interrupt occurs, but in result registers RSLTx are zeros. Converters must been configured properly, because when the exact same code is uploded to TWR-KV46F150M, the converter works normally.


There are the same microcontrollers on those boards HVP-KV46150M and TWR-KV46F150M, so could it seems to be some hardware issue? Could I check the controller's revision or production series somehow?


Has anyone already met with this kind of problem, or have any suggestions ?


If somebody want to try the code on own hw, it is attached in zip below.


Thank you for any advice.



Original Attachment has been moved to: kv46_twr_adc-fmstr.zip