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T1024RDB 10G MAC Link configuration

Question asked by abinesh selvaraj on Mar 5, 2017
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We are using T1024 SoC for our custom board development. The Lane A (SD1_RX0_P, SD1_RX0_N,SD1_TX0_P,SD1_TX0_N) of SerDes is configured in 10G XFI mode with RCW configuration [RCW[128:136] = 0x95]. This SerDes LANE has been connected with a 10G SerDes port of an Ethernet switch. 


Our requirement is to establish a fixed link (Link Up) between the SerDes interface of T1024 and Ethernet-Switch.


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1. In the switch side, the SerDes 10 is configured in 10G XFI mode and the link is forced up. Similarly, how to force the 10G MAC Link (fm1-mac1) for the T1024 SerDes. Kindly provide your suggestions.

There is no PHY between SerDes of T1024 and switch.