Fabien Jolimet

Problem programming internal flash with a file .bin (52235EVB + CW7.0)

Discussion created by Fabien Jolimet on Jul 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by Rich Testardi

I'm trying to program the internal flash of the 52235EVB with a file .bin of an application which is in a extern flash memory.

The part of the program (the bootloader) which do that is between the adress 0x36000 and 0x40000 of the internal flash.

I succeed to erase the internal flash beetween 0x00 and 0x36000 and then stay in the bootloader and I saw that all the memory I want to erase was at 0xFFFFFFFF so for this step it is ok.

Then I program the internal flash it means that I read the data of the file .bin which is in the external flash memory and then I write it in the flash memory.

For the moment I'm just trying to program the same data that there was in the beginning so the file .bin which is in the external memory in the file of the application.

But I don't succeed to program all the file .bin in the internal flash.

When I put a breakpoint after programming the flash I saw that I don't succeed to program all the flash and I saw that there is not what there was before in the beginning of the internal flash.

I saw in the forum that I can't erase or program flash from the flash but when I erase and program a part of flash which is not used it is ok.

I tryied to copy the bootloader in the RAM to execute it in  the RAM but I don't succeed.

Can somebody help me about this ?