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Problems with FullCAN at LPC2292

Question asked by Maurice Gonska on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by Maurice Gonska


I've the following question:

How much FullCAN Messages could be Registered at LPC2292?

If I understand the Manual in the right I can Register 146 Messages.

But If I try only 128 are working the right way. The 129. Message will be copied in the Memory of the ACF but the position is incorrect and the implemented Driver will not find the Message.


Here are some Screenshots

The Missing CAN-Massage has the ID 0x7E0. You could see Message is received, but the position is wrong.

I think the Received Message have to written to a bigger address than 0xE0038304.

If I'm right it have to be address 0xE0038710.

My calculation is the following

ENDOfTable + 12byte * MessageIndex =>MessageAddress


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