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Issue of Opening LS1043ARGW Design File

Question asked by 小斌 王 on Mar 3, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by 小斌 王

We intend to design gateway based on LS1043A, and downloaded the LS1043ARGW Design file from the NXP official website.Unfortunantely the design file DES0541_11_SCH_10.DSN cannot be  opened by OrCAD Capture.

The attach file version.png is the version information about the installed cadence on my computer.

The attach file 1.png is the pop-up dialog when I open the design file.

I selected the "Schematic" or any other options and press "OK".  The design file  failed to be opened. 

The attach file 2.png is the screenshot.


Could you please confirm that the design file is correct? Is the design file's size only 128 KB?

I can perfectly open the LS1043ARDB design file on my computer.