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Features of Vivante VDK tools

Question asked by Gregory Zaccaro on Mar 2, 2017
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I'm working on a project in which we need to get statistics related to a GC2000 GPU utilization.


We found that it is possible via vProfiler and vAnalyzer tools. By activating the profiling option, we can generate binaries (a.k.a. .vpd files), then open and export them with vAnalyzer tool.


For our project we need to export the statistics contained in the .vpd file with our custom application, to do so I would like to know :


1) Could we get access to the statistics gathered in the .vpd file in real time ?


2) If not, is there is a way to "decrypt" the .vpd file directly in our application (as vAnalyzer does)


3) If not, can we call the vAnalyzer tool via the command line to : load the .vpd file and export it in a .csv file format


Thank you,


Gregory Zaccaro