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Input protection for i.MX6S USB OTG

Question asked by Markus Braitner on Mar 3, 2017
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I got a question concerning the input protection of the i.MX6S USB OTG Interface:


How do I determine the clamp voltage needed for TVS diodes selection as ESD protection?


From 16115_IMX6SDLCEC.pdf, I can see from the absolute Maximum Ratings:

- USB VBUS => 5.25V

- USB_OTG_DP, USB_OTG_DN => -0.3 to 3.63V

- Vesd => 2000V (HBM) / 500V (CDM)


For the Saber Board schematics 27417 I can see that you used a SRV05-4 component for this reason, which has a clamp voltage of 12.5V @ 1A / 17.5V @ 5A. So how to determine the needed clamp voltage if I have to use some other component?


Also, how can I find some Information on the internal Input protection of the i.MX6 in general for figuring out which diodes I need for clamping non-ESD overvoltage on the input?


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