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Unable to mount the sd card in lpc1768

Question asked by Rahul Gusai on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Kerry Zhou

I am working on file system middleware component to interface the SD card with lpc1768.I double checked all the resource requirements and configuraton of all the components required.Still, fmount function returns the fsMediaError and is unable to amount the memory drive.I have no clue of the issue. Can anyone please help me out on this ?

Am using the code given below to initialize and mount the sd card.


void sd_init(void) {fsStatus stat; SystemInit();         LPC_GPIO2->FIODIR=0XFFFFFFFF;   printf ("Initializing and mounting enabled drives...\n\n");    /* Initialize and mount drive "M0" */   stat = finit ("M0:");   if (stat == fsOK) {     stat = fmount ("M0:");       if (stat == fsOK) {        LPC_GPIO2->FIOPIN=0xfffffff1;                         printf ("Drive M0 ready!\n");     }     else if (stat == fsNoFileSystem) {         /* Format the drive */      LPC_GPIO2->FIOPIN=0xfffffff2;                         printf ("Drive M0 not formatted!\n");      }     else if (stat==fsMmediaError){       printf ("Drive M0 mount failed with error code %d\n", stat);      LPC_GPIO2->FIOPIN=0xfffffff3;                 }   }   else {     printf ("Drive M0 initialization failed!\n");   }  printf ("\nDone!\n");                 }